Lights, security cameras, action.

When you’re hard-pressed looking after growing patient lists, the last thing you need to worry about is keeping the lights on, the security cameras rolling, and the lifts in working order.

Everyday, we deliver hundreds of maintenance jobs across England to keep your building running smoothly and stay compliant.

From reactive maintenance when something’s gone wrong to preventative measures to stop problems before they happen, we offer the complete range of hard facilities management services. 

220k planned maintenance jobs


planned maintenance jobs

24/7 support, 365 days a year


support, 365 days a year

c.3,000 buildings maintained and kept compliant for your patients


buildings maintained and kept compliant for your patients

We can help you to maintain and improve: 

  • lighting and other electricals 
  • heating, cooling and ventilation 
  • lifts 
  • water hygiene 
  • fire safety 
  • security systems, like CCTV 
  • internal and external decoration. 

Why us?

At your door within four hours

Contact us 24/7 with an emergency issue that’s affecting patients, and we’ll have an engineer on-site within four hours. Even if that’s at 3am in rural Somerset.  

Well-versed in NHS compliance

We’re the largest estates provider for the NHS, running over 220,000 planned maintenance jobs last year. That inside experience means we know the compliance requirements buildings face, and will follow them to the letter. 


Because we’re part of the NHS, we understand that the most important thing is giving patients the best experience. And it means our on-site engineers show compassion and understanding for the environments they work in.  

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