Make your space work for you.

Space is a never-ending challenge when it comes to estates. Either you don’t have enough of it to deliver the right services to your patients. Or you have too much of it, so some sits unused, increasing your costs. 

As part of the NHS, we know the challenges of using your space in the right way and wanting it to be more flexible, too. We take a proactive, data-driven approach to look across your whole estate. Helping you understand how your buildings are being used so you can plan for the space you need now, and in the future. 

So whether your space is too big, too small, or just not being put to good use, there’s always an option to make it work for you.

£1.1m saved for customers by reducing void space


saved for customers by reducing void space

3.5m patient hours made available via NHS Open Space


patient hours made available via NHS Open Space

£200m in office costs saved for customers since 2019


in office costs saved for customers since 2019

We'll work with you to:

  • gather data to understand how you use your space through utilisation studies
  • explore options to adapt your space for multiple uses
  • review your estate to reduce space and costs
  • provide you with a single consolidated view of your estate booking, utilisation and performance data
  • reduce void space through repurposing or selling
  • re-commission space quickly to meet urgent demand. 

Why us?

The low-down on your estate usage

Using sensors and utilisation studies, we can show you how your buildings are really being used. And we’ll keep an eye on it over time. Helping you make informed decisions about how to plan for now and your future growth. 

Building a flexible estate

As part of the NHS, we know how to adapt your space to support different services. So if you have podiatry using a room one day, and physio the next, we’ve got you covered. 

Manage your space, your way

We can help you get more out of your current space and reduce unused space with one system. NHS Open Space allows healthcare professionals to book space on a flexible, pay as you go basis – delivering vital services to your local community (over 650k bookings and 3.5 million patient hours since 2019 and counting) and generating revenue for you. 

Keeping costs to a minimum

Nobody wants to pay for something they’re not using. We’ll help you reduce your vacant space (and your costs) so that it’s put to better use elsewhere. Last year, we helped you save £1.1 million by reducing your void space.  

Minimise your office footprint

Office habits have changed post-COVID-19, so your office space might need to change too. Since 2019, we’ve helped customers reduce office costs by £200m.  

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