Turn unused spaces into all-important funding and make the right investments for your patients.

The NHS needs to find new ways to free up capital and make the right investments for the future. And your patients need to know they’re being treated in the best possible buildings. But underused spaces can be harder to spot in large or complex estates and can increase your running costs.

We work with commissioners to identify void or underused spaces, then help ICBs, Trusts, GPs, DHSC or NHS England to sell them. Like, for example, the sale of Harrow Road land in London for £5.75m for DHSC or Fenwick Hospital for £0.8m for NHS England.

By repurposing underused spaces, we can consolidate more services in buildings that are already well used – making it easier for communities to access everything in one place. And, if you don’t have the right space to meet your patients’ needs, we can help you find it and manage the acquisition. This means surplus buildings and sites can be sold, freeing up funds that can be reinvested into the NHS.

We can also work with you to find the best ways to reinvest in your communities, like through our Healthy Places programme. 

600+ properties sold


properties sold

£541m raised for direct reinvestment from disposals


raised for direct reinvestment from disposals

8,000+ new homes delivered via release of surplus NHS land


new homes delivered via release of surplus NHS land

We'll work with you to:

  • help spot spaces that are underused, or not used at all
    discuss the options available, helping you find opportunities to reduce costs and meet your objectives
  • manage vacating properties, and re-locating providers or colleagues
  • prepare properties for sale
  • manage property sales – first to the public sector and then on the open market
  • manage acquisitions – finding the right options for you and supporting negotiations
  • provide advice and help resolve complex issues relating to the sale or acquisition of a property
  • manage commercial and contract negotiations, helping you get the best value
  • reduce running costs from underused and empty buildings
  • remove backlog maintenance liabilities from an ageing estate.
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Why us?

A track record of unlocking savings

We’re part of the NHS, so we know how to navigate the system, and run a sale to get as much value as possible. (The £4.5 million released from our sale of one surplus building in Hertfordshire meant we could build a new care home for patients in the community.) We’ll also work with you to identify ways to reduce your running costs from underused buildings.

Making complex sales look easy

We’ve managed straight-forward sales of freehold buildings to complex disposals. So whether you need help with selling a hospital, a health centre or even an industrial unit – we’ve got you covered. Plus, our team is experienced in managing different stakeholder groups involved in transactions, from local councils to patient groups, so we can help you resolve any issues. 

Negotiating to get you the best deal

Sometimes repurposing existing space isn’t the right approach for your local community. Our transactions team can help you find the right space and negotiate with landlords and developers on your behalf. Like we did with the virtual freehold purchase of a new 1,000 sqm health centre at Suttons Wharf in East London to help the commissioner meet the demands of a growing patient population. 


Eyes on the biggest estate in the NHS

We manage 10% of the NHS estate, more than any other provider. Our national scale and in-house skill and resource means we can support you across your estate. We’ve successfully managed over 600 disposals. We’ve reinvested every penny, raising £541m for direct reinvestment across the country. At least half of the funds from every sale of our surplus estate will go back into your local area. We have sold enough land to deliver over 8,000 new homes. And we can take what we’ve learned from other areas to share best practice across sites, helping you get the best results.

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