Published date: 31 October 2020

Roof replacement and redecoration to improve patient experience

Amersham Health Centre, Amersham, Buckinghamshire


Partners: LST Projects and Oander

NHSPS representatives: Paul Beach, Senior Construction Manager


The roof above the waiting room, reception and main corridor of Amersham Health Centre was prone to leaking and was in generally poor condition. This resulted in areas of the waiting rom being closed off following heavy rain, generating complaints from the tenants.

Due to the configuration of the roof at various levels, it was not easily maintainable so was in a desperate need of replacing.


Oander were procured to demolish and replace the existing roof structure and complete the new firestone waterproofing system along with new drainage systems and maintenance walkways.

The existing roof had a number of different levels in the existing construction and traditionally the design solution would be to remove and then re-build. However, Amersham Health Centre needed to remain operational throughout so Oander designed and engineered a solution which enabled us to insert and build the roof above the existing roof. The benefit of this solution was that it enabled us to install the majority of the new structure prior to breaking through the existing waterproofing and roof. This ensured additional protection to the health centre during the work and reducing disruption.

As part of the works, we took the opportunity to install a new large roof skylight to provide natural light into the waiting room.

After the roof and water systems were sorted, a new ventilation system was installed in the waiting room and the waiting room and corridors received new lighting and redecoration.

Works started in August 2020 and were completed in October 2020.


The waiting has now been transformed into a nice bright area offering natural daylight from a large new sky light, improving patients’ experience of the health centre with much more natural light as they wait for their appointment.

The redecoration including a feature wall brings a bright fresh look to the surroundings, whilst new LED lighting enhances the natural daylight given an overall feeling of being in a larger more comfortable space making the whole experience of visiting the health centre more enjoyable.

For the works to take place, we hoarded off a section of the waiting room for safety and to reduce disruption which we decorated with information about the works for patients, staff and users. The project team decided to surprise the health centre staff with a range of drawings from children saying thank you to the NHS which we printed on vinyl and stuck to the hoarding with the vision to provide thanks, cheer and smiles to all the staff working. Whilst it was intended to be temporary, whilst the hoarding was up, the staff loved them so much, that we have actually cut them out of the hoarding and installed them in the waiting room as a more permanent feature / wall art.