Published date: 30 November 2020

Upgrading four surgery theatres at Crawley Hospital for a safer, better space for staff and patients

Crawley Hospital, Crawley, West Sussex


Customers: Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (SaSH)

NHSPS representatives: Mark Hales, Senior Contruction Manager, Adam Shepheard, Principal Construction Manaer and Ian Booth, Principal Operations Change Manager.

Architect: Jefferson Sheard / CBG Consultants

Surveyors: QS - McPhersons, PM - GBP/WSEP

Construction: Morgan Sindall Construction and Infrastructure 


We kicked off the project after we undertook the five yearly Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) and needed to rectify legacy backlog maintenance deficiencies. We had a tight timeframe to work within to upgrade the theatres and replace the electrical systems as SaSH wanted to minimise the time the theatre was down to patients. 

Customer feedback

We’re thrilled with the outcome of the project and know that our upgraded theatres will help to improve the patient experience and the work environment of our staff. It’s fantastic that we can optimise our facilities for our patients and staff while simultaneously creating cost savings which can be invested back into the NHS. We look forward to working together on the next set of improvements for Crawley Hospital.

Michael Wilson CBE, Chief Executive, Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust


Works started in July. We worked with West Sussex Estates Partnership and Morgan Sindall Construction to fit the theatres with Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), also known as back-up systems to ensure that surgery can continue in the event of a power outage.  They have also been made fully fire compliant with fire zoning, ensuring better fire resilience.  Fire and smoke safety systems were also upgraded to provide additional monitoring and physical compartment separation in the event of a fire. 

In addition, new LED and power saving light fittings were installed, replacing the background lighting; technology that is over 20 years old.  New LED and power saving lights provide large savings in electrical costs for the NHS while providing clearer, crisper lighting which is vital in our healthcare environments.  

New medical gas and duplex pumps were also installed, reducing operating costs for the NHS as a result of the energy saved by upgrading the technology used in the space.  

Works were completed in November and we funding them through our FM Backlog Maintenance and Construction budgets. 

Works started in July 2020 and completed in November 2020, costing £2.6m.


Crawley Hospital now has four refurbished, electrically compliant and safer theatre suites.  

The theatres provide a more modern and fit for purpose environment in this older building for staff during surgeries. Potentially nervous patients going into theatre will hopefully feel calmer given they are in a fresh, clean, updated environment. 

We’re pleased that the operating costs of the theatre have reduced, saving money for the NHS which can be reinvested elsewhere.  

The teams overcame the challenges brought about by undertaking the project during the pandemic, with design and construction running parallel as all parties worked tirelessly with SaSH to complete the upgrade to ensure minimum disruption to staff and patients.