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The creation of NHS Property Services in 2013 from 161 different bodies meant there was historically a variety of compliance management functions across our eight operating zones.

We therefore neither had sufficient evidence to ensure NHS Property Services was a compliant business, nor the necessary data to support it. It is imperative that every business is able to demonstrate a compliance framework that complies with statutory legislation and provides a safe environment for everyone using their properties.

We have developed our own technical compliance model that is based on proactively collating evidence centrally. A reporting function interfaces with this, which in turn is used by operational FM and compliance governance teams to provide early visibility of any potential issues with statutory certification and remedial workflow. A central compliance governance team has been implemented with representation in each of the eight operating zones, with their priority being the constant monitoring of compliance performance, and support for the local FM operational teams.

The new compliance framework has demonstrated significant success in identifying and clearing aged remedial tasks and missing certification, providing quality reports at corporate and zone level, and improving the overall compliance culture in the FM operating zones and with key suppliers.