Webinar recording: Driving a greener NHS

The NHS is responsible for over 5% of the UK's carbon footprint and with over 3000 properties in our portfolio - that's 10% of the NHS estate - NHS Property Services is in prime position to lead the way in reaching net zero carbon by reducing the negative environmental impact of our buildings.

That's why, in June 2019, we pledged to tackle 5 key issues - energy consumption, single-use plastic, waster usage, fuel and waste.

One year on, watch the webinar to understand the scale of the challenges at hand, what the successes were, lessons learnt, and what's next on the 'green' agenda, including compliance and reaching net zero carbon.

Webinar was hosted on 16 June 2020

Watch the webinar recording

To find out how NHS Property Services is driving a greener NHS, watch the webinar recording which includes an extensive Q&A with the audience on waste segregation at our properties, our electric vehicle strategy and how we work with occupiers to implement our projects.

Watch the recording