We’ve partnered with AccessAble to provide accessibility reports for more than 400 of our NHS buildings across England to help you prepare and feel as relaxed as possible when visiting one of our hospitals, health centres or GP practices.

Image showing 342: accessibility guides for our properties


accessibility guides for our properties

Image showing 1,000: pieces of information in each guide


pieces of information in each guide

Image showing 19,000 : people have used our guides


people have used our guides

Feel confident visiting one of our buildings

Whether you have a physical disability, anxiety about visiting a new place or just want to know what to expect, we are committed to ensuring that our NHS buildings are accessible to everyone. Having detailed and accurate information about the building you are going to visit is the first step in doing this.

AccessAble has undertaken in-person surveys of over 400 of our buildings to create online user guides that provide detailed information on a range of accessibility criteria to help you plan and prepare accordingly before visiting one of our buildings.

What information is in an accessibility guide?

The guides include facts, figures and photographs that tell you all about options, car parking facilities, main entrance access as well as different features about getting around the building including walking distances to toilets, fixtures and fittings, signage, style of handrails, wall colour, hearing assistance and lighting.

Each guide contains over 1,000 pieces of information. View the guides on our 'Property Search' webpage.

Video: our partnership with AccessAble

Watch the video to find out more about our partnership with AccessAble and what sort of information you can find in the accessibility reports.

Get your AccessAble guide

We’ve worked with AccessAble to produce accessibility guides for 432 of our NHS buildings.

To find out if we have a guide for a building you’re visiting, visit the property search page of our website.

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