Published date: 12 April 2019

Vacating site, negotiating £1.6 million compensation to support relocation

The lease expired in October 2018, and therefore NHSPS needed to negotiate a vacating deal, assist the move out and help the tenants’ relocation. We had a variety of tenants, each with unique needs on space and location, and connecting to wider organisational estates strategies.

Our biggest result was securing £1.6 million compensation helping to cover relocation costs. By vacating the site we also saved ongoing spend on a very expensive property and managed to absorb some tenants into existing leases to avoid further costs.

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NHSPS offered a range of advice and support for tenants depending on their requirements. For example, we identified options for Camden CCG, but moved the London ambulance team into another one of our properties in Waterloo by utilising vacant space there.

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