Published date: 17 May 2019

AISMA Conference 2019

We speak with medical accountants on how we can best work with them to support GPs

On 16th May we attended the AISMA annual conference, with our Director of Asset Management, John Westwood, speaking on how we can work with GPs and their accountants to clarify and simplify occupancy agreements and services charges.

AISMA (association of independent specialist medical accountants) is a vibrant network of 77 firms of accountants throughout the UK who are all specialists in working for doctors, ranging from large group practices to single-handed GPs. They now represent over 7,000 doctors in more than 2,000 medical practices - and the number is growing. 

This was a really important group to meet and work with, and we were pleased to have a productive conversation on how we can work together better in order to support the NHS.