Published date: 10 June 2019

NHS Technology Conference

We explore how the NHS is harnessing digital, data and technology, presenting our NHS Open Space programme

On 6th June we attended and spoke at the NHS Technology Conference, with our Senior Strategic Asset Manager, Chris King, speaking on how we are harnessing technology to better manage and 'future proof' the NHS estate with our NHS Open Space programme. 

We heard from Health Education England, Foundation Trusts and NHS Digital on topics ranging from digital literacy, to the growing role of Chief Clinical Information Officers, to the new NHS app. 

Our key takeaways were: 

  • The clear increasing need for digital literacy and comfort amongst NHS staff, in order to keep pace with technological change and to increase efficiency and productivity
  • The need to reframe the change from technology to transformation and empowerment, with genuine involvement of staff at all levels, and making it clear "what's in it for them"
  • Importance of not using 'tech for tech's sake', but to start with the practical challenges (clinical etc) and then work to a solution, as it won't always be a technological one
  • The increasing acceptance and appetite for digital channels to the NHS from its patients, with the NHS App having over 31,000 users already without a full marketing campaign

We presented on NHS Open Space, which allows customers to hire both clinical and non-clinical space as and when they need it, on an hourly or daily basis. This provides greater flexibility and choice, while making much more efficient use of the estate and minimising vacant or underused space. Learn more here, or visit the NHS Open Space website.

We also discussed our recent report in partnership with the King's Fund on technology and the healthcare estate, which you can learn more about here