The property management teams at NHS Property Services work locally with customers to put in place the most effective and efficient agreements to align with their needs.

We also manage all lease events across the portfolio to include lease renewals, rent reviews, operation of break clauses, negotiations and lease expiries, including resolving repairing obligations (dilapidations). The teams deal with lease events for both third party landlords and our own in-house customers/occupiers.

Our teams are responsible for ensuring that we collect accurate data about our portfolio. This allows us to provide the strategic advice our customers need to plan their estate, reduce their operating costs, accurately allocate costs and ensure the space they occupy is fit for purpose.

To this end, one of our key objectives is to move all customers onto formal occupation agreements. Previously, many customers occupied space on an informal basis, which made it difficult to identify underused or vacant space. By establishing formal agreements, we can make sure customers occupy only the space they need and that they understand how we provide our services.

Documenting and managing the estate in this way allows us to help customers and the wider NHS effectively plan the estate for the future. As their own requirements change, they need to be able to adapt the way they occupy space (see here for more information). We are constantly looking for ways to deliver services in the best way possible for our customers and identify where extra services might add value.