One of NHS Property Services’ key priorities is to reduce vacant space in our estate. Vacant space is a drain on NHS funds that cannot be sustained as pressure on its services increases.

We have established the Vacant Space Handback Scheme to allow customers to release properties if they are no longer needed. By taking part in the scheme, we remove the burden of costs such as rent, business rates and service charges from customers, allowing them to use funds to provide the frontline care our communities need.

As well as saving money for customers, this approach gives others the opportunity to occupy the space. We use our property knowledge to reallocate any space released through re-letting, disposal or development.

Since the programme's launch:

  • 74 CCGs, 1 CSU and NHS England have submitted a total of 173 Property Vacation Notices (PVNs) to take part in the scheme, from which 109 offers have been accepted
  • 54 properties have been handed back to NHSPS (totalling 50,209 sqm)
  • Estimated income for the system to redistribute and reinvest in the NHS estate stands at £9.43 million

To learn more about the programme, read our one page overview or brochure, and watch our customer webinar with Programme Lead Leo Grunhut.

If you are unsure your space qualifies for the scheme, please speak to the vacant space team by contacting:

If you'd like to submit a Property Vacation Notice, please fill out the form below. If you are having any issues with this form, please instead fill in this document and send to the above email address. 

More information on the Vacant Space Handback Scheme (and our wider policy) can be found in our Charging Policy.

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