Creating spaces for community and patient wellbeing

Our new research report aims to get a better understanding of what matters most to ten different communities, both in terms of the kind of spaces that support wellbeing and the processes involved in making them available.

The NHS is in the midst of a significant period of change now the 42 Integrated Care Systems have become legal entities to provide more joined up health and care services for the local population. This provides a great opportunity for helping patients in different ways, especially as we recover from COVID-19 which highlighted significant inequalities across communities.  

These communities have a lot of knowledge and insight into what lies behind poor health outcomes, as well as what could help them become more healthy and well. By listening to them, the NHS and estate owners such as ourselves, can develop spaces and establish the conditions for communities to improve their wellbeing on their own terms in non-clinical ways.

This report, written by The Health Creation Alliance for NHS Property Services, draws on the experiences of ten communities, including those with poorer health outcomes, in accessing and using community spaces. It provides valuable insight into how the NHS and its estate can best support them and other communities that would benefit from accessing community spaces.

Get insight to help you create spaces that meet local population needs

Read the report to find out:

  • What helps and hinders ten underserved communities, with regards to the spaces they use, to create health, and why
  • Why the processes involved in accessing spaces and making them available, impact their benefits
  • How we can address eight common factors that many communities raise as important to creating health
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Hear from some research participants

In this video, you will learn more about NHSPS's social prescribing programme and the groundbreaking research from The Health Creation Alliance and there is an opportunity to hear directly from some of its contributors from a range of different communities.

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How are we using our estate to support community wellbeing?

Since 2019, we've worked with customers to identify, convert and launch more than 50 indoor and outdoor social prescribing spaces that have allowed over 35,000 patients to access non-clinical services like, suicide prevention counselling, breastfeeding advice, sensory gardens and much more.

The programme is designed to give patients the tools to take control of their own health, which will hopefully help reduce the increasing pressure on clinical and acute services.

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Let's work together

We're keen to work with our NHS colleagues, community groups and charities to develop spaces that support the needs of the local community with an aim to reduce health inequalities in the areas that need it most.

If you have vacant space that you think would be suitable to transform or are looking for a space to deliver your wellbeing services, get in touch so we can have a conversation about how we can help.

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