Published date: 26 April 2024

NHS Property Services celebrates milestone delivery of 100 Social Prescribing Sites across the country

NHSPS announces delivery of 100 Social Prescribing Hubs. Milestone illustrates NHSPS’s commitment to community health and wellbeing across England. Partnership working with NHS colleagues proves vital part of significant achievement.

NHS Property Services is celebrating the delivery of 25 new social prescribing sites to its partners across the country, achieving its goal of 100 sites being made available for patients.  


One of the 25 new sites, delivered during the 2023/4 financial year, is a communal garden next to Haxby and Wigginton Health Centre in York*. NHSPS funded the redevelopment of the green space, known as Whole Life Community Garden. And the revitalised plot, which is also owned by the property experts, is looked after by a local community group and hosts horticultural activities and other social prescribing services.  


Social prescribing aims to provide non-clinical routes to treatment for people with a range of social or health issues, giving them more choice and freedom to receive the support they need. Patients with multiple, complex needs can be referred by their GP to services within their local community, where their needs can be assessed, as well as appropriate groups and activities recommended. By addressing the root causes of ill health and enhancing overall wellbeing, social prescribing has emerged as a powerful tool in the healthcare landscape. 


Some of the many benefits include reducing social isolation, fostering skills development, boosting confidence and improving physical fitness amongst participants as well as alleviating pressure on primary care services by reducing the demand for GP appointments and prescriptions. 


Demand on the voluntary sector to deliver services that can help address specific social needs is increasing. And through strategic partnerships with Integrated Care Boards, Trusts, GPs, and the voluntary sector, NHSPS has been identifying and redeveloping vacant space in its portfolio to help support local communities this way. 


The sites serve as focal points for healthcare workers and offer a wide range of services, including but not limited to counselling, therapy and gardening. Many successful organisations have benefited from the programme, such as Combat2Coffee, Age UK, Men’s Shed and many more.   


Between the inception of its program in 2019 and 2023, NHSPS opened 75 social prescribing sites across England with each location playing a pivotal role in promoting health equity and improving patient outcomes. During the last financial year, 25 more were planned and delivered including green spaces.  


Dr. Min Rodriguez, Head of Social Impact at NHSPS, said: "We are really proud of the impact our social prescribing sites have had on individuals and communities – just between 2022 and 2023 we have reached 60,000 patients. Through collaboration and innovation, we remain dedicated to expanding our network of hubs and enhancing access to vital support services for all." 


NHSPS has recently published an interactive map detailing each hub and the services which are provided there: NHS Property Services | Find a social prescribing site 


*Find out more about Whole Life Community Garden here: Home - Whole Life Community Garden 

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