Published date: 11 June 2020

Nutrient Neutrality and Town Planning: A Guide

Local Planning Authorities have restricted planning applications in the Solent region, asking new developments to demonstrate 'nitrate neutrality'. What does this mean for future planning applications, and how will it impact the NHS estate? Our Town Planning team advises.

Following rulings on the Habitats Directive at the European Courts of Justice, Natural England has now recommended that no planning consents should be granted within the Solent region (between Isle of Wight and mainland England) unless new developments can demonstrate 'nitrate neutrality'. This is to address concerns about excessive nitrogen and phosphates nutrient entering the water system, causing growth of algae that threatens marine life, protected habitats and bird species.

NHS Property Services' Town Planning team - the only dedicated town planning resource in the NHS - have prepared a guide on what how these new restrictions will impact future planning applications. We outline the stages to calculating Nutrient Neutrality, assess the impact on brownfield versus greenfield land, and explore strategic mitigation solutions.

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At NHSPS, we have 29 holdings in the Solent region, and are assessing the potential impact should any of these require residential or overnight accommodation development in future.

Ahead of any proposed development within these sites, we ask you to reach out to the NHSPS Town Planning team.

Read the guide