Published date: 06 May 2019

Online Event: Technology and the NHS Estate

Better use of technology and digital tools will change how the NHS delivers patient care in the future. But what will the estate need to look like in the future to enable new models of care?

The recently launched NHS Long Term Plan contains improved technology at its core. 

NHS Property Services has partnered with The King's Fund to discuss how Technology and the Estate will need to work together to create the buildings that work best for patients.

View our free online event, which explored the potential impacts of new technology on the NHS estate.

In particular, the speakers considered the following questions.

  • What types of technology are likely to have an impact on the NHS estate?
  • What opportunities and challenges does new technology create for the estate?
  • How can long-term planning enable organisations to change the outcomes of care?
  • What needs to happen next?

The speakers discussed what’s currently happening in the NHS and shared case studies from those already making strides towards successfully integrating estates and technology planning.