Published date: 08 November 2022

Reconfiguring a health hub to provide a larger amount of clinical space to better serve the local community

Belmont Health Centre, London


Customers: North West London Integrated Care Board (ICB), The Wijeratne Practice (GP), The Circle Practice (GP), The Enterprise Practice (GP) and Harrow Health (Community Services)

NHSPS representatives: Dhiren Ganesh, Senior Portfolio Optimisation Manager, Ann Caddle, Senior Property Manager, Volodymyr Siryy, Facilities Services Manager and Martin Meltzer, Senior Construction Manager


Three GP practices and a community services provider in Belmont Health Centre have growing patient list sizes of upwards of 20,000 but don't have the space required to adequately serve the growing local community.

NHS Property Services (NHSPS) has the headlease on the health centre, which has 30% vacant space at a cost to North West London Integrated Care Board of £110,000 per annum without any service delivery.

The premises is outdated and presents challenges for the practices in terms of capacity and confidentiality, therefore in significant need of an upgrade to improve the accommodation for the surgeries.


We put together a multi-disciplined team consisting of Portfolio Optimisation, Property Management and Construction for works to begin in October 2022 and complete early Summer 2023.

As leaseholder of Belmont Health Centre, NHSPS supported the ICB to unlock the £1.6 million required to upgrade the premises. NHSPS ensured the GPs sign up to leases supporting the release of the funds. This will be used to refurbish Belmont Health Centre, improving the patient and staff experience and making better use of NHS space. NHSPS will also deliver the construction works.

Works have been broken down into phases to ensure practices and community services currently on site are able to continue their support.


The full refurbishment of Belmont Health Centre will create a modern, compliant, and welcoming space to better serve patients and staff alike.

The upgrade works will see an increase to the number of rooms from 24 to 29 which will be finished to a modern standard, an upgraded reception and staff welfare facilities, improving accessibility and the ability to deliver higher quality of care to the local community.

It will serve a combined patient list of 20,000 and allow for future growth in this fast-growing community.

Eliminating the vacant space on site has made better use of NHS space and saved overall costs for the NHS.

Customer feedback

“We are really pleased that the refurbishment works at Belmont Health Centre has been confirmed, the refurbishment of the centre will enhance the patient experience through greater integration of health and care teams with an increase in the number of clinical rooms to be available”

Isha Coombes, Borough Director – Harrow, NHS North West London Integrated Care Board