Published date: 04 November 2021

Converting Lindley House into a community hub for young mothers and their children

Lindley House, Oldham, North West


Salford Baby Bank and Shared Health Foundation work with communities in Greater Manchester to provide practical support and bridge gaps between their needs and policy. They had been working with a number of the different organisations at St Chad’s, another property within our portfolio, and were looking at spaces to deliver some outreach care.

Gareth Jones, the SPM at the time, approached the Shared Health Foundation to present the opportunity. Rebecca Hughes (Asset Management) worked closely with the customer to document the tenancy and ensure a smooth handover.  The project was overseen by Daniel Burdett, while Mark Lloyd led on construction, and Chris Kenrick provided FM support.


Lindley House has now been transformed into a Community Hub, providing practical support and guidance to young mothers and their children, their families, vulnerable people and the wider community. The lower ground floor has been renovated to create a storage and distribution area for baby parcels and additional counselling/group rooms have been created to provide counselling, breast feeding support, and a number of other services.

We worked closely with the customer, taking careful consideration of their requirements to create a welcoming and safe Hub centre. Through this space, the Shared Health Foundation can deliver outreach care to the local community.

This development not only improves the facilities, but should also result in a reduction in referrals to GP and Community Nursing teams.

What our customers said

Charlotte Cockman, Shared Health Foundation, said:

“All of the NHSPS team were fantastic - from the project development stage and paperwork, business cases, planning logistics to the actual delivery, property work, set up and ongoing support now. We really appreciate every person who contributed to getting the Hub up and running - everyone seemed to recognise the benefits of the work and it was always discussed in an enthusiastic, progressive way. Can't thank everyone enough!”