Published date: 27 November 2023

NHSPS Launch New Multi-Lingual Modules To Support Frontline Colleagues

NHS Property Services (NHSPS) has taken an inclusive approach to training by launching a new multi-lingual course targeting domestic cleaning standards and compliance.

Domestic assistants work tirelessly to create a clean environment for both patients and NHS colleagues alike. However, many frontline colleagues come from diverse backgrounds and speak multiple languages.

To ensure training is tailored towards their needs, the new modules are available in one of five languages: English, Hindi, Ukrainian, Spanish, and Polish. NHSPS’ language champions – multi-lingual colleagues from across the business – sense-checked all the content generated by a machine translation software to ensure its accurate.

Alison Carter, Project Lead and Soft Facilities Management Specialist for NHSPS, said: “Our facilities management teams include colleagues from all walks of life, so we want to ensure they have access to training in their own language.

“We are delighted to have improved our in-house training with these new modules and we look forward to broadening the scope of available modules over the coming years.”

Liz Horsley, Digital Learning Designer for NHSPS, added: “It’s brilliant to see that our domestic assistant colleagues are able to complete learning in their chosen language, which has promoted more inclusive learning.”

“We wanted to ensure that training is not only accessible, but also understandable. Therefore, by releasing these modules in various languages, our colleague's development will not be hindered and will give them the tools to succeed.

“We are lucky to have multi-lingual colleagues in the organisation and have tapped into their talent. We would like to thank those colleagues for collaborating with our Learning and Development team and for volunteering their time to help.”

Malgorzata Tokarska, Support Services Team Leader and one of NHSPS’ Language Champions, concluded: “The new modules will change how NHSPS effectively communicates with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and cultures, to make sure everyone feels included at work.

“I personally got involved as a language champion because I remember struggling in the same area with less support and wanted to be part of the change. It's great to see NHSPS adopt an inclusive approach to learning and I’m looking forward to assisting with other modules in the future.”