Published date: 08 March 2024

Northwood To Receive £11 Million Health Centre Refurbishment After Achieving Full Planning Permission

Northwood and Pinner Cottage Hospital is set to be redeveloped after achieving full planning permission. Approximately £11 million will be injected into the project to cement better health outcomes for the 20,000 patients who access the facility.

Hillingdon Council planning committee voted unanimously in favour of the refurbishment scheme, where 100% of the available space will be utilised. NHS Property Services (NHSPS) and North West London Integrated Care Board will work closely to deliver the scope of works, expected to start in mid-2024.

Two GP practices, Carepoint and Acre, will be relocated into the refurbished building from near-by Northwood Health Centre to deliver primary care services. New mental health services will be facilitated by Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust. And patient access points will also be improved, in addition to increasing on-site parking capacity.

The Northwood Health Centre building will be sold through NHSPS’ disposal policy, to generate the needed capital to fund parts of the project, and to promote a streamlined delivery of patient care under one roof.

Under the approved proposal, 70 new housing units will be erected in accordance with Hillingdon Council’s local plan. NHSPS has also committed to preserving the war memorial that commemorates soldiers who served during World War 1 and World War 2.

With sustainability at its core, further proposals include attaining a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating through eco-friendly technology – such as green roofs – and reducing carbon emissions by 80%.

100 new trees will also be planted to increase biodiversity, and 15 electric vehicle charging points and water efficient flow restrictors will be installed. Additionally, heat pumps, LED lighting and thermal efficient building fabric will be used. Once all sustainable measures are in place, the centre’s EPC rating will raise from an ‘F’ to a ‘B’.

Adrian Powell, Director of Investment and Development Management for NHSPS, said: “Northwood and Pinner is a key hub that is used by thousands across the locality. We are committed to breathing new life into the building, and achieving full planning permission means we are able to move forward with the project and we are excited to get started.”

On the development, Dr Manish Patel, Practice Manager at Carepoint Practice, said: “This relocation is a welcome opportunity for us to enhance patient care and expand the services we deliver. We are thrilled to be able to provide patients with a state of the art, accessible facility that we hope will improve long-term health outcomes for our residents in Hillingdon.”