Published date: 24 July 2023

NHSPS Head Of Corporate Social Responsibility Completes 100km Run For Charity

An NHS Property Services (NHSPS) colleague recently took part in a 100 km run over two days to raise money for NHSPS’ charity partnership: Young Lives vs Cancer.

The run saw NHSPS’ Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Rhea Horlock, completed the mammoth task to raise money that will assist young people undergoing cancer treatments.

Over the two days, Rhea tackled the demanding run and raised £570 in the process. These donations will go towards Young Lives vs Cancer’s support network and Homes from Home initiative. Cancer treatments often involve travelling long distances; therefore, Homes from Home provides young cancer patients and their families with a place to live whilst they receive treatment.

The partnership with Young Lives vs Cancer is a three year agreement that’s now leading into its final year. NHSPS has committed to raising £150,000 and is currently 79% of the way there. So far, NHSPS colleagues who have championed the partnership has raised nearly £119,000.

Future charity events that will hopefully see the remainder of the target achieved are set to take place over the course of the year. In September, NHSPS is encouraging colleagues to take part in a range of upcoming fundraising events such as the Exmouth 10k, Thames Bridge Trek, and Cycle London to Brighton – to name a few.

The 100km running champion, Rhea Horlock, said when reflecting on her efforts: “This charity partnership is essential and we’re so proud that as an organisation we are able to support young people and their difficult journey with cancer.”

Adding: “Young Lives vs Cancer will continue to be a focal point for us, and we are wholeheartedly committed to achieving the £150,000 target – and we know we will. Although, the 100km run was difficult, it is nowhere near as difficult as what these young people have to go through. So, if we can assist in raising money for this great cause, my colleagues and I will continue to do so.”