Published date: 05 June 2019

NHS Property Services pledges to become a more sustainable organisation

NHS Property Services manages, maintains and improves NHS properties and facilities to create safe, efficient, sustainable and modern healthcare and working environments. As part of our role to improve our estate, we are working hard to embed sustainability into all areas of the organisation.

With over 3000 properties and 5000 employees, we have a responsibility (and legal requirement with increasing legislation) towards reducing the environmental impact of our buildings and creating awareness amongst our people and the occupiers of our buildings to help us do this.  By working together, we can reduce waste, the carbon intensity of our buildings, and operating costs.

To do this, the newly formed Energy and Environment team are focusing on designing and implementing a strategy that looks at both targeting energy and environment management in a holistic way at a corporate level, as well as at individual sites.  

Today, on World Environment Day 2019, we are pledging towards five goals:

Click on the links above to find out more about why each of these are important, where we are now and how we are going to get there, as well as top tips to help us along the way.

To find out more about our Energy and Environment strategy, visit our dedicated page.