Our financial year runs from April to March so you’ll receive your first bill of the financial year for Q1 in the last week of March.

If you need a purchase order to be shown on your bill to enable payment, please share the details of the purchase order with us before the financial year starts.

For the rest of the year, bills will be sent a week before the first month of each quarter. This means that Q2 bills will be sent in the last week of June, Q3 bills will be sent in the last week of September and Q4 bills will be sent a week before January, unless otherwise stated in your occupancy documents.

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Our new bill layout

We’ve listened to your feedback and we’ve made some changes to the layout of our property bills. The new layouts are simpler, more consistent and easier for you to understand.

The key changes we’ve made include:

  • Consistent formatting and language used throughout your bill
  • Commentary box included so that we can explain any changes to your bill if needed
  • Information displayed more clearly, making it easier to read
See our example bill based on a fictional customer

What is included in my property bill?

Your bills will be based on your Annual Budget Schedule (ABS) and will include charges for rent and rates, facilities management, service charges and additional sums. Customer billable works are billed separately.

At the end of the financial year, we’ll compare the estimated costs outlined in the ABS against the actual costs of the facilities or services provided at your property. You’ll then receive a bill for the difference or a credit note will be added to your account. This is known as annual reconciliation, an industry standard practice that enables the calculation of any balancing charges needed and provides cost transparency. customer.

How do I change my billing contact details?

If you need to update your billing contact details, please get in touch with our Customer Service team and they'll be happy to help. You can contact them via Connect, our online portal,  call them on 0808 196 2045 or email customer.service@property.nhs.uk

Will changes to my occupancy affect my property bill?

Yes, it’s important that we have the correct occupancy data for your property as this helps drive accurate billing.

Occupiers with a formal occupancy agreement must refer to the terms of their agreement when considering any occupancy changes.

Occupiers without a written or documented occupancy agreement must inform us of any planned changes to occupancy, at least three months in advance, by completing an Occupancy Change Notice and ensuring that you also inform your commissioner.

If you make changes to the occupancy or vacate the property without providing due notice, you will continue to be liable for the occupancy charges that are incurred.

Once the form has been completed and submitted, a member of NHS Property Services will contact you to discuss your occupancy requirements.

If you do not currently have an occupancy agreement in place and would like more information about the types of occupancy agreement available, please contact our Customer Service Centre.

Questions about your property bill?

If you have any questions about your property bill, please contact our Customer Service Centre.

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