To help you ensure your clinical and non-clinical buildings are COVID-19 safe, we've created some COVID-19 risk assessments for you to use.

The risk assessment document should be completed in relation to the demises under your organisation control. 

For example:

  • Building occupiers should risk assess the area within their leased demise including their meeting rooms, kitchens, toilets, etc that they control highlighting risk that relates to their employees.
  • NHSPS completing this as a landlord will risk assess the common areas of the building (as defined on the building plan), plant rooms, meeting rooms NHSPS control, shared kitchens, circulation space, toilets etc.
  • NHSPS as a building occupier will risk assess their demise in relation to its employees.

Clinical buildings

Complete this risk assessment if you are reoccupying a clinical building.

Non-clinical buildings

Complete this risk assessment to ensure your non-clinical buildings are COVID-19 safe.

After completing the risk assessment

Once the assessment has been completed, you should be prepared to cooperate and coordinate with other building users to ensure the safety of everyone in the building and request any build adjustments, alterations or changes to cleaning schedules via our FM Helpdesk.

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