Property disposals

Managing surplus NHS assets to ensure best value

One key part of the company’s role is the efficient management and disposal of properties which are no longer required by the NHS for the delivery of services, ensuring that best value is achieved from any disposal, for reinvestment in the NHS.

The decision as to whether one of our properties is surplus to NHS operational requirements resides with the commissioners, i.e. NHS England or a clinical commissioning group (CCG). A property will only be released for disposal by NHS Property Services once commissioners have confirmed that it is no longer required for the delivery of NHS services.

NHS Property Services ensures that market value is achieved in the sale of assets through an arm’s length, open market process. Any property to be disposed of is first listed on the Electronic Property Information Mapping Service (ePIMS) website, which allows other public sector bodies to purchase it. Properties are listed on this website for forty working days and if no other public sector organisation expresses an interest then they will be marketed locally.

We have a vital role as stewards of NHS assets and we will publish information on disposals as a matter of course.

Disposals programme

On this page, you can download a spreadsheet showing:

  • freehold and long leasehold properties we have sold;
  • properties which have been declared by commissioners to be surplus to NHS operational requirements and which we therefore plan to dispose of during 2017/18.

It is important to note that the data on this page is accurate at the time of reporting, but it is not “live” and is subject to change. Information for the current year  will change – for example, some property disposals might be completed in the coming weeks, while other properties could be added to, or removed from the list subject to any changes in commissioners’ local plans.