Published date: 14 March 2024

NHSPS Hosts Webinar To Celebrate Social Prescribing Day 2024

Social prescribing initiatives increase health and wellbeing, and NHS Property Services (NHSPS) has been working to erect more sites to benefit communities. As such, over 75 sites have opened since 2019 with ambitions to hit 100 by the end of the year.

To do so, NHSPS is in the process of continuing to champion social prescribing, especially on 14 March – otherwise known as Social Prescribing Day, 2024.

In order to reach the forecasted 100 site milestone, the health and property organisation orchestrated a webinar to demonstrate the value of social prescribing to its current and prospective customers.

The session took place on Social Prescribing day and included four panellists: Laura Mills and Quoc Truong from NHSPS’ CSR Team, Martin Melzer from NHSPS’ Capital Team, and Janis Gibson, CEO of Castle Point Association of Voluntary Services.

The discussion was enlightening; health providers were given the tools to manage and create their own sites. They were also informed on how transforming vacant space into a social prescribing initiative is a great way to promote wellbeing services that are outside of traditional healthcare services, which ultimately, reduces stress on the primary care network.

Laura Mills, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager for NHSPS, said: “Social prescribing is so important; it’s not only a way for communities to get healthier and receive the support they need, but it also reduces stress on General Practice. Therefore, on Social Prescribing Day, we’re pushing to get more health providers on board, and we’re delighted to see discussions yielding interest. We can’t wait to see more sites open in the immediate future.”

Janis Gibson, CEO of Castle Point Association of Voluntary Services, added: “As an organisation we’re actively promoting wellbeing and social prescribing is an element of that. So, it’s been amazing to partner with NHS Property Services for this webinar, because we all have a common goal: to help communities nationwide. It was great to see so many faces and their enthusiasm for social prescribing.”

Find out more about our social prescribing programme on our website, including videos, guides and infographics to help you create your own space. You can also see where we've got spaces and find out more about each one, on our interactive map.

Watch the webinar recording

Get new ideas about to set up and manage a space for social prescribing. You'll learn:

  • What makes a good site for community use
  • How to overcome challenges in transforming spaces
  • What best practice collaboration between GPs