Published date: 30 June 2023

NHSPS Highlights Importance of World Wellbeing Week

Taking care of our mental and physical health can enhance our overall wellbeing.

As we celebrate World Wellbeing Week, NHS Property Services (NHSPS) is highlighting the importance of caring for our health and wellbeing.

The government-owned company manages, maintains and develops NHS properties across England so every patient can get the care they need in the best place for them.

As with all businesses, NHSPS keeps a close eye on the wellbeing of colleagues so that it can deliver 100 per cent, 100 per cent of the time.

NHSPS Chief People Officer, Helen McCarthy, said: "We recognise that the mental, physical, and social health of our people is crucial. We are committed to positively influencing their wellbeing and creating work environments where they have good health and can thrive.

"Our psychological and physical health is constantly changing, and it's normal to have good and bad days at work or home. What's important is that we take care of our wellbeing, which is unique to each individual and can mean different things."

Helen continued: "To support colleague wellbeing, NHSPS has a mental health first aider network. This involves professionally trained colleagues who provide support and guidance to anyone who may be struggling with mental or emotional distress or who need someone to talk to."

Suzanne Jones, Head of Learning and Development at NHSPS, added: "Wellbeing videos and webinars are available to our workforce, and here at NHSPS, colleagues work flexibly, exercising sound judgement to best meet the needs of the customer whilst balancing personal demands.

"NHSPS's approach is to create the best possible environment for colleagues to learn, develop and complete their work in. We provide appropriate equipment for home working, along with flexible office space to suit all needs, whether that's room for ​​​​​​​face-to-face collaborative working or quiet desk space for focus time."

"We understand that everyone is different and may need additional support to overcome hurdles and be their best selves at work and home," Suzanne added.