As part of the improvements we’ve been making to our billing documents, we’ve redesigned the Annual Charging Schedule (ACS) and made it simpler, more consistent and easier to understand.

Based on customer feedback, we’ve renamed it to the Annual Budget Schedule (ABS) and put all the information you need about your bills in one place.

The key changes we’ve made include:

  • Adding explanations for terms used in the ABS and what costs mean
  • Named contacts so you know who to go to with questions about your ABS or bill
  • Consistent formatting and language used throughout the document
  • Commentary box included so that we can explain any changes to your ABSs if needed
  • Information displayed more clearly, making it easier to read
  • ABS will be sent as a PDF and Excel spreadsheet so you can use the format that works best for you

We’ll be sending out ABSs from mid-January 2023 through the end of February 2023 for 2023/24.

See our example Annual Budget Schedule based on a fictional customer

Your Guide to the Annual Budget Schedule (ABS)

We've created a handy guide to help you understand your Annual Budget Schedule (ABS). This includes information about our billing cycle, our approach to occupancy and charging and more detail about the key changes we've made. 

Download the guide

For GPs: Your Guide to the Annual Budget Schedule (ABS)

We've developed a separate guide to the Annual Budget Schedule (ABS) for GPs. In addition to providing useful information about our billing cycle and our approach to occupancy and charging, it also includes guidance on how to claim reimbursable costs from your commissioner. 

Download the GP guide

Question about the Annual Budget Schedule?

If you have any questions about the Annual Budget Schedule, contact our Customer Service team and they'll be happy to help.

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