Responsible business

NHS Property Services is an organisation that takes pride in being the best it can be. We might not always get it right first time, but our focus is always on what we can do to improve, and how we can best achieve our goals.

That’s what being a responsible business is all about for us. It’s at the core of changes we’ve already made and will continue to make as we respond to the demands of the times we live in, and the needs of those we serve – our customers, our patients, our communities and our people. 

We have made progress in recent years to improve the way we operate as an organisation and the impact we have as an employer. Our starting point is always to think, what more can we do? The reality is a lot already. Social responsibility, smarter working and sustainability are more than buzz words. They are part of who we are, and integral to our ongoing success. We want everyone to be proud of working for and with NHS Property Services.