Published date: 19 May 2023

Learning At Work Week 2023

This week we celebrated ‘Learning at Work Week’, an annual event that builds learning cultures at work.

It puts a spotlight on the importance and benefits of continual learning and development within organisations.

This year's theme, ‘Create the Future’, explored how lifelong learning at work can help us all personally and collectively create our futures – from achieving life and work goals, to shaping our lives, communities, to driving innovation and achieving organisational ambitions.

Over the week we heard from Apprentices and Aspiring Managers, as well as personal learning experiences from colleagues who are taking part in our in house learning programmes such as ‘Driving Your Own Career’ to kickstart their career development at NHSPS.

Martin, Treasury Team Leader, has recently joined our ‘Driving You Own Career’ programme and told us: “The programme provided an opportunity to recharge and reengage with my forward-looking career plan. I’m excited again now as to the possibility of where I could be in 1/2/3 years time”

Life skills programme

We also heard from colleagues who have joined our ‘Life Skills’ programme. Life Skills aims to support colleagues to become more confident in three areas: numeracy and literacy, languages, and digital tools, not just in work, but at home and in the community too.

Estates Coordinator, Alison has recently joined the programme and told us “This has given me much more awareness and confidence when purchasing online. Learning is non-stop in and out of work and I like to be informed.”

Here at NHSPS, daily learning is integrated into each role. We offer a mix of coaching, mentoring, development, and training programs to empower colleagues to take control of their career and pursue their individual growth and development goals.

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