Optimising the primary case estate is more important now than ever, with the NHS Long Term Plan emphasising its importance in moving health and social care closer to communities and reducing pressure on acute care centres.

By optimising the NHS Property Services estate - which makes up the majority of the country’s primary care estate - we are supporting this ambition, helping the NHS get the most from its estate and creating healthy places for communities. This will help enable excellent patient care and better healthcare outcomes for all, creating a fit for purpose NHS now and in the future.

So far, our efforts to optimise the NHS estate have delivered:

Image showing £381m: raised for the NHS through disposal of unwanted assets


raised for the NHS through disposal of unwanted assets

Image showing £90m: invested in NHS construction projects in 2019/20


invested in NHS construction projects in 2019/20

Image showing 4,600:  tCO2 saved through colleague-led initiatives


tCO2 saved through colleague-led initiatives

Building space management solutions

Since 2013 we have been working with NHS partners across the country to make better use of NHS space, and through this we recognise the challenges organisations face in their estate management.

From building a clear picture of how the estate is being used, to securing funding, to implementing solutions, we offer property and facilities management expertise to help our customers make informed decisions and get the most out of their space.

Solutions for better space management

We then collaborate with our customers to create practical, tailored and innovative property solutions, reimagining the NHS estate to best serve patient needs.

These solutions include identifying and repurposing vacant space; reconfiguring and refurbishing space; introducing flexible room booking via NHS Open Space; identifying opportunities for lease negotiation and consolidation; and generating capital for reinvestment via disposals or working with developers. 

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Guide to optimising the NHS Estate

What do we mean by estate optimisation, what options are available, and what questions should you be asking as you start an optimisation project?

In this customer guide we walk through our approach to estate optimisation projects, showcase some examples of our success, and offer 'top tips' for your own projects. 

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Delivering transformational projects for the NHS estate

We have expanded our Healthy Places programme to over 300 projects which will transform the NHS estate nationwide, support Integrated Care Systems, and enable excellent patient care.

Healthy Places focuses on the successful delivery of projects that enable improved health and social care, helping the NHS get the most from its estate and drive better outcomes for patients and clinicians. Projects range from refurbishments and new builds, to accommodating social prescribing initiatives, to estate optimisation and repurposing of vacant space.

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How can we work together to make better use of NHS space?

Explore our interactive infographic to learn how we can work together to reimagine and optimise NHS space. 

Let’s take a look at the NHSPS teams and programmes supporting our customers in optimising their use of space.

Handing back unused space

Our Vacant Space Handback Scheme enables Commissioners to pass on the liability for eligible space to NHSPS and cut the cost of empty space in their buildings.

NHSPS teams then use their property expertise to repurpose the space, either via re-letting, selling or developing, aiming to maximise value for the NHS, with any savings or new revenue reinvested into the NHS estate.

Learn more about our Vacant Handback Scheme

Flexible room booking

NHS Open Space brings technology to NHS estate management by offering flexible booking of clinical and non-clinical space via a web-based booking platform.

For services (NHS and beyond) looking for sessional space within NHS buildings this offers greater flexibility and choice, and the enhanced usage data can support Commissioners in their estate management decisions.

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Creating space for smarter working

The NHS estate goes beyond clinical space, and our National Office Programme helps identify opportunities to better manage office space (via rationalisation, relocation) as well as developing improved, agile and modern working environments. Beyond the NHSPS office portfolio we also help and consult for the wider NHS and public sector

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Clarify your occupancy

An occupancy agreement helps us and you to better understand how buildings are being used, which then provides clarity on rights and obligations, simplifies and clarifies your bills, and supports better space management.

Learn more about signing an occupancy agreement with us

Log a job in your building

Running our buildings safely and efficiently is crucial, and we rely on you raising any issues you spot via CORE - our new computer assisted facilities management system – or our FM helpdesk, through which we’re working hard to streamline how we capture, track and deal with issues.

Get in touch with our FM team.

Keep us up to date with changes to your occupancy

If you’re planning to change how you use your space – for example clinical to non-clinical, or expanding or reducing the space you occupy – please let us know at least three months in advance via our online form.

This helps NHSPS to support you with your health and safety compliance and make sure that you are billed the correct amount.

Let us know about an upcoming change to your occupancy

How can we work together to better use NHS space? We’re keen to hear from you, so please reach out via Customer.Service@property.nhs.uk or 0800 085 3015.