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Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), we're required to provide a Publication Scheme.

The Publication Scheme is our way of routinely publishing information relating to specific categories of information, known as ‘information classes’. without the need to contact us. To find more about our Publication Scheme, please see our policy here.

As part of the information that falls under these specific categories, we are committed to publishing responses to request made under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) 2004, which we feel are of wider public interest.

Please note, the information published here is accurate at the time of the response and may not reflect up to date information. If any of the responses below do not contain what you're looking for or if there are further questions, we welcome you to make an FOI request to us here


Response: Asbestos register for Wembley Centre of Health and Care

Attachments: 2003 asbestos survey, 2013 asbestos management plan

Description: The 2003 asbestos survey and 2013 asbestos management plan for Wembley centre of health and care


Response: Call-off contract frameworks

Attachment: Call-off contract frameworks - attachment 1

Description: Spreadsheet containing titles of call off contract frameworks and links to the framework agreements


Response: Connectivity and Network Services

Description: Internet service providers used by NHSPS


Response: Contact centre and CRM

Description: A series of questions about customer relationship management used by NHSPS


Response: Cost of Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete surveys

Description: The cost and funding source of RAAC surveys


Response: CRM Software used by NHSPS

Description: The CRM software used by NHSPS and its cost


Response: Data protection policies

Attachments: NHSPS Data Breach Policy, Data Protection Policy, DPIA part 1, DPIA part 2

Description: Copies of our data breach and data protection policies and both parts of our data protection impact assessment form


Response: Multi Faith Rooms - Birmingham Sites

Description: A list of the properties around Birmingham that have a multi faith room


Response: Network provider contracts

Description: Networker providers used by NHSPS and the contracts with them


Response: Question around Annual Report 2021/22

Description: Series of questions about the 21/22 Annual Report


Response: Specification for uninterruptible power supply

Attachment: Technical Specifications- Attachment 1

Description: Specification used by NHSPS during tender for an uninterruptible power supply



Response: Asbestos in Leasehold and Freehold Properties

Description: How many leasehold properties NHSPS manages that contain asbestos and how many freehold properties have asbestos that has been damaged


Response: Asbestos in NHSPS Properties

Description: The proportion of NHSPS properties found to contain asbestos and the policy for its mitigation 


Response: Asbestos Survey - Royal South Hants Hospital

Description: 2009 Asbestos Survey, Royal South Hants Hospital

Attachments:  Asbestos Survey, Royal Hants Hospital - Attachment 1


Response: Asbestos Survey - Rusholme Health Centre

Description: 2022 Asbestos Survey, Rusholme Health Centre

Attachments: Asbestos Survey, Rusholme Health Centre - Attachment 1


Response: Call centre contracts and network services

Description: Suppliers and value of NHSPS contracts with call centres and network services


Response: Call off contracts

Description: The framework agreements for the specified call off contracts

Attachments: Call off contracts - Attachment 1


Response: Car Park Ownership - Pallion Health Centre

Description: Pallion Health Centre car park ownership, tender and revenue

Attachments: Car Park Ownership, Register - Attachment 1; Car Park Ownership, Title - Attachment 2


Response: Catering and Vending at Lincolnshire Community Trust

Description: How to contact the NHSPS department responsible for catering and vending


Response: Cleaning products used by NHSPS

Description: Cleaning solutions used by NHSPS


Response: Cloud Hosting Contracts

Description: The value and expiration date for NHSPS contracts with cloud hosting services


Response: Enterprise House Lease

Description: The lease details and a public interest rest in favour of not disclosing the value of rent charged


Response: External Travel Management Provider

Description: External travel provider direct award, contract value and length

Attachments: External Travel Management Provider - Attachment 1


Response: Geze UK Contract for Automatic Doors

Description: Details of the NHSPS property and contract finder


Response: Hard and Soft FM Services

Description: Third party suppliers for Facilities Management Services used by NHSPS

Attachment: Hard and Soft FM Services - Attachment 1


Response: Health Centre Pharmacies With Contracts With NHSPS

Description: How many Health Centre Pharmacies are NHSPS tenants


Response: IT Department Structure and Budget

Description: IT department structure and budget for upcoming projects

Attachments: IT Department Structure and Budget, Technology Services Org Chart - Attachment 1


Response: Nissen Huts - St Margaret's Hospital 1963-1965

Description: Historical articles on St Margaret's Hospital


Response: NHSPS buildings by region

Description: Breakdown of number of buildings per region and building age

Attachments: NHSPS buildings by region - Attachment 1


Response: NHSPS' relationship with Regatta House

Description: The commercial relationship between NHSPS, Regatta House Cheshire and the Cheshire and Merseyside Integrated Care Board


Response: NHSPS risk report on RAAC

Description: Risk assessments for properties containing reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete

Attachments: Attachment 1, Attachment 2, Attachment 3- Risk report


Response: Number of and Expenditure on IT Devices

Description: The number of types of devices bought by NHSPS and the total spend

Attachments: Number of and Expenditure on IT Devices - Attachment 1


Response: Properties Occupied by GP Surgeries

Description: How to search for NHS organisations

Attachments: Properties Occupied by GP Surgeries - Attachment 1


Response: RAAC concrete in NHSPS buildings

Description: A list of NHSPS properties that contain reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete


Response: Remedial action required at NHSPS properties with asbestos containing materials

Description: Safety inspection results of the 113 sites containing asbestos


Response: Sale of Louth County Hospital Accommodation Block

Description: Details on the sale of properties at County Hospital in North Holme Road, Louth, Lincolnshire  

Attachment: Blueprint - Attachment 1


Response: Server Hardware maintenance contracts

Description: Live contracts held with providers to maintain NHSPS' physical servers


Response: Software Contracts for CRM, HR and ERP

Description: NHSPS CRM, HR and ERP software contracts as well as the providers, software name and contract dates and value


Response: Staff Surveys - 2019-2021

Description: Staff surveys and the action plans developed from the responses

Attachments: Staff Survey, Engagement Survey Report 2019 - Attachment 1; Staff Survey, Engagement Survey Report 2020 - Attachment 2; Staff Survey, Engagement Survey Report 2021 - Attachment 3


Response: Vacant NHSPS properties

Description: All wholly vacant buildings known to NHSPS

Attachments: Vacant NHSPS properties - Attachment 1


Response: Waste Disposal

Description: NHSPS practice for disposal of domestic and clinical waste


Response: Weed Control in Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust Premises

Description: The amount of and type of Weed killers used by NHSPS


Response: Weed killers Used by Sussex Community Foundation Trust

Description: Confirmation that Sussex Community Foundation Trust do not use and weed killers with glyphosate in them


Response: Annual Spend for Electrical Suppliers

Description: Annual expenditure on a select list of suppliers of electric goods and services

Attachments: Annual Spend for Electrical Suppliers - Attachment 1


Response: Asbestos Survey - Brockwell Medical Group, Cramlington

Description: Brockwell Medical Group, 2019 statement declaring there is no asbestos on the premises

Attachments: Asbestos Survey, Brockwell - Attachment 1


Response: Asbestos Survey and Nissen Huts - Royal South Hants Hospital 1970s

Description: Where to find historic asbestos surveys, including Royal South Hants


Response: Asset Management Software

Description: Asset management software suppliers used by NHSPS and the contracts awarded to them


Response: Automatic Door Maintenance

Description: Automatic doors, maintenance contractors and schedule


Response: Build Cost Rates

Description: Public interest test in favour of withholding the rate NHSPS pays for building


Response: Car Park Revenue - Herts and Essex Community Hospital

Description: Public interest test in favour of withholding the income generated by the Herts and Essex Community Hospital


Response: Catering Choice System - Leicestershire Partner Trust

Description: The catering system used at Leicestershire Partner Trust premises to select and deliver food to patients


Response: Clinical Waste at GP Practices

Description: GP practices managed by NHSPS and whether they manage clinical waste or not

Attachments: Clinical Waste at GP Practices - Attachment 1


Response: Confidential Waste Disposal Procurement - Black Country and West Birmingham CCG

Description: Confidential waste disposal supplier and contract value


Response: Contracts with NELFT

Description: Facilities management services contract with NELFT

Attachments: Contracts with NELFT - Attachment 1


Response: Cost of Building Works - Health Place, Brigg, North Lincolnshire

Description: Cost to construct Health Place in North Lincolnshire


Response: Covid Vaccines

Description: Response stating NHSPS holds no vaccination records or patient data of any kind


Response: Executive Coaching and Planning Service Contract Award

Description: Contract start date, renewal and cost


Response: Fire Compartmentation

Description: Fire compartmentation remedial works contract with Checkmate


Response: FM Services - Southport and Ormskirk NHS Foundation Trust

Description: Direct award contract for facilities management services at Southport and Ormskirk


Response: Historic Items - Bootham Park Hospital

Description: Bootham Park Hospital closure, historic items, antiques and furnishings


Response: Infection Control Equipment

Description: How to contact trusts for details on their infection control equipment


Response: Mobile Phone Contracts

Description: Mobile phone contract providers and their cost


Response: Non Residential Estate

Description: Number of and size of non-residential estates 


Response: Outsourced Facilities Management

Description: Outsourced facilities management contracts

Attachments: Outsourced Facilities Management - Attachment 1


Response: Outsourced Software

Description: Suppliers and contract end date of outsourced software


Response: Primary Care Centres Around Worthing

Description: List of Primary Care Centres within 30 miles of Worthing

Attachments: Primary Care Centres Around Worthing - Attachment 1


Response: Procurement of Recruitment Services

Description: List of successful and unsuccessful suppliers in the recruitment procurement process


Response: Sale of Harcourt House - Southend

Description: Details of NHS Property Services' relatipnship with Harcourt House in Southend


Response: Sale of Patrick Stead Hospital

Description: Records relating to the sale of Patrick Stead Hospital and how to find recent condition surveys

Attachments: Sale of Patrick Stead Hospital - Attachment 1; Sale of Patrick Stead Hospital - Attachment 2


Response: Server Hosting

Description: Third party hosting contracts as of April 2021


Response: The Sale of Merchant St Health Clinic and ownership of a surgery - South Woodham Ferrers

Description: Details on the sale of Merchant St Health Clinic and the lease of Healthcare Facility in Tyler's Ride


Response: Vacant Properties in Allerton North Yorkshire

Description: Explanation of properties in Allerton becoming surplus after being replaced by a purpose built site


Response: Windows Operating Systems in Use

Description: Confirmation that NHSPS does not use Windows XP or Windows 7 on any of our devices

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